Whispers of “I Love You”

She whispers to Air as the soft breeze ruffles her hair ”I Love You!”

Air answers “Thank you for your Love Fair Maiden! We love you too!”

She whispers to Water as it’s soothing droplets cascade over her naked body “I Love You!”

Water answers “Thank you for your Love Little Nymph! We Love You too!”

She whispers to Fire as the Sun rises over the horizon and warms her skin “I Love You!”

Fire answers “Thank you for your Love Little Fire Dragon! We Love You too!”

She whispers to Earth as she buries her toes in the warm sand “I Love You!”

Earth answers “Thank you for your Love O’ Precious One! “We Love You too!”

Written by Faith


You see Gaia is a manifestation of All That IS. She is the incarnation of One Consciousness, the One Supreme Consciousness. Therefore when you tell your Self “I Love You”, you are not only loving and healing yourself from withim, you are healing everything else you see around you, for there is nothing that you are not. You are Soul fragments of each other, and you are All made of the same stuff. From the tiniest electron to the mightiest Sun, in this and the entire Multiverse, you are All One. You are infinite! There is nothing, no-thing separating you, not even time and space, for you are inseparable.

The Soul unites, the ego separates. The ego will tell you, “This is my space and that is yours”. The Soul knows there is no space, therefore no separation can exist. The Soul knows that separation is an illusion created in a duality consciousness by the ego. The ego is an illusion also, one of your own creation which supports your physical existence here. The process of ‘healing’ is the Soul returning to a state of Spiritual Oneness, to Divine Love, to It’s Source.

Do you see now how powerful the words “I Love You” are? Love is kind, love is patient, love heals, love protects, love comforts, love nourishes, love supports and love guides. There is nothing Divine Love cannot or will not do for you. Let these words fill you and enlighten you.

As all ways, we Love You!


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