~Artwork by Charles Caryl Coleman (1840–1928)

The incoming energies are making it clearer for us to see within ourselves what it is that has been holding us back, or rather keeping us in victim mode, and out of balance. Lately with the healing work I am doing I have been receiving affirmations to give to people to overcome their blockages. This past week several blockages that I thought had been cleared have re-surfaced at a deeper level for clearing. The thought occurred to me that we are like wheat being separated from the chaff. The chaff in this sense is the outer layers that we have used in order to hide from our True Selves. What is left once these layers are cleared is our pure Heart of Love.

This is no easy task, as many of you know by now. Transformation is never easy, especially since we are undergoing this transformative process within duality AND with much negativity surrounding us. Sometimes it feels as though we should be giving up! But no, we would not be here unless we were the strongest and most capable of Souls, having taken it upon ourselves to help in this massive task of bringing Light where there was no Light. We answered the call that went out many thousands of years ago because we knew we would prevail. There was never any question about it. Divine Love never fails!

And as we look at the chaff, we may wonder to ourselves how we could ever have been that, or become that, or done that, which is so contrary to the very nature of our Soul, it is best, imperative actually, that you do not blame or judge yourself anymore, as you will only prolong your transformation process.

Let me share with you two of the most powerful affirmations that will help you restore and maintain your balance in this Now:

“I Love You” are words that when spoken with meaning and intent will help you transform whatever [anything] it is that is surfacing into pure Love. Repeat these words to yourself over and over again whenever you are tempted to fall into negative thoughts about yourself, and you will find yourself uplifted again and again. It doesn’t matter what you are going through. Love is the most powerful transformative energy there is. Loving yourself is the most powerful intention you can have at this time.

“I AM That I AM”. These words are the most powerful words you can utter. If spoken and repeated with intent and purpose these words will help you, lift you, and support you when you need it most. These words send out an SOS signal into the Universe. These words activate within you your GOD Source and Power – the Divine Spark – which will bring you peace, love and restore balance and harmony within your Being.

Always remember you are not alone here. Stay in your Sacred Heart space Beloveds and let your Higher Power assist you to maintain balance within.

We love you and bid you a most balanced and harmonious SUN-day!


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