Just for a moment allow us to lead you into your Self. Take this with moment with us now to look at a flower. Look through the eyes of your Soul and notice the absolute creative magnificence of it. Note the color – where does this color come from? Note the brilliance of it, and the absolute perfection of it. Know that this flower is a manifestation of pure Divine Love and so are you. Thank you BEing in this moment with us….

All incoming frequencies of energy are integrated into your energy body via your Higher Self in accordance with the frequency of energy you are able to hold at any one moment in time. This means that you are always in control of your transition. As we’ve said before, it is up to you as the grounded expression of your Higher Self to decide the pace of your transition. You may not even be aware on a conscious level that you may be resisting these energies, but if you are there is one way you can find out.

If you’re experiencing any discomfort or dis-ease, then chances are you’re resisting. Apart from minor aches and pains, you shouldn’t be feeling anything at all in the way of discomfort. If you’re dizzy, nauseous, feeling physically weak, having trouble sleeping, heart palpitations etc., then you’re resisting in some way.

Feeling tired is normal because your body is going through major upgrades and rest and sleep will help your body to adjust. By eating light foods and drinking lots of pure water, you’re helping your body. If you’re inclined to eat heavy foods, then chances are you’re allowing yourself to be led by your ego.

Using affirmations is one way to effectively remove any conscious or unconscious patterns of resistance:

“I allow all that is good to enter into my life now.”

“When you use the affirmation “I allow” you remove all the energetic blocks and barriers you have created from holding you back. You are effectively removing all resistance. These two words hold a powerful energy, so use them wisely.” ~ Archangel Michael

Resistance causes energy blocks in the chakra’s or energy centers in your body which create the feelings of discomfort and dis-ease. If you don’t clear them you are putting your physical vehicle at high risk of developing further dis-ease.

So many go into auto-resist mode when told there’s a solar flare arriving or when Mercury goes into retrograde etc., etc. This is an unconscious habit some have, and it can be overcome.

If you would like a Reiki healing session, please visit our Body Mind Spirit website. The Reiki healing will clear your energy centers and cut any energetic ties/cords to lower energies that may be holding you back. Michael and I, in accordance with your Higher Self, also break any vows that you may have made either consciously or unconsciously that are no longer in your highest and best good. The cost of the session is $35 and lasts approximately ½ hour. Discounts are available if more than one session is booked at a time. We’re also available to do a combined Reiki and Crystal healing session called “As above, so below” with Mary Gates at Divine Healing With Mary. The cost of this combined session is $70 for ½ hour and it is a wonderful stress reliever. All healing sessions are conducted over Skype.

With the upcoming 11:11 Stargate, it is best if all patterns of resistance be cleared. Know that ALL energy is pure Divine Love and that is it helping you become MORE of the Magnificent Being of Creation that YOU ARE.

We leave you with our absolute Love & our Blessing!


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