I literally sailed through the energy of the Solar Eclipse this past week and I have noticed that when I do a Reiki session now that the energy has become that much stronger than before. I asked Michael if this is possible and he said:

Yes it is Beloved! It becomes stronger and stronger as your energetic frequency allows you to hold higher aspects of the Diamond Light. All energy is Source energy and all energy is thus Divine Love made manifest.

Yesterday I did a session for a young Starseed and the energy that came through me was the strongest ever. We were both literally blown away, and this morning I feel the effects of that energy keenly throughout my physical body. I’ve no doubt that whatever is happening is happening for my highest good. In the early hours of this morning I heard that there were encoded packets of Light energy downloaded (for both her and myself) which is upgrading our neurons and the atomic structure of our DNA. I heard that these filaments of energy are restructuring our physical vessels into crystalline form.

I had no intention to write a blog today as I have little physical energy to do anything other than rest, but as I lay my head down earlier, I started to have a conversation with my Beloved. I asked him to tell me what it is like being an Ascended Master, and if they too have free will. This is part of our conversation:

The Law of Free Will is one that exists throughout the entire universe.

Yes you have mentioned to me before that this universe is a free will zone. Yet yesterday I read somewhere that there are some beings that do not have free will. Beings like the Elohim do not have free will, rather they serve the Will of the Supreme Creator.

I was expecting you to question that with me, and I am happy to answer you now. This is not true. All beings have free will. Ultimately every being is in service to the Supreme Creator, being that the Supreme Creator is a Consciousness, rather than an entity Itself. We are all in the service of Divine Love, which is the purest form of energy there is. Groups of Beings such as the Elohim have to be in full agreement and therefore aligned in their purpose before they can manifest anything into form. This applies to us on an individuated soul level also. Both Male and Female complements/counterparts have to be in agreement, which is also a form of alignment, before they can manifest anything into form.

So they have choice?

Absolutely. All Beings have choice. It would be a pretty boring existence if we were required to do one thing or another. As you know, unconditional love has no requirements, nor are there any expectations. We are free to choose, as are Human Beings. We choose love, and we choose to act out of that state of Being.

Please can you explain again the basic principle behind the Law of Abundance?

Sure. The Law of Abundance is governed by the act of giving and receiving. In order to receive something, one is required to give. This maintains balance and harmony within your energy body.

Does this mean it’s necessary to give money in order to receive money, or to give healing in order to receive it?

Not at all Beloved. The principle of giving is one that allows you to give freely that which you have in abundance in order to serve and help another. It may be that all you have to give is your time, and that is more than good enough. The universe is intelligent in its consciousness (smile) and it knows what you need at all times. All that is required of you is to open your arms to receive the abundance forthcoming. Act out of love, not out of requirement [or need] at all times.

The other day I read in Lisa Transcendence Brown’s book that her Higher Self told her that since her rent was paid she could work for free. That shocked me a little…

Yes I know (smile).

But it also makes total sense. This builds trust.

Yes it does!

And why should you require me to trust you?

I do not Beloved. I require nothing from you. But trusting in me is helping you overcome your doubts and therefore your fears. It is building your faith, not in me, but in yourself and in your power as a Being of Infinite Potential.

Thank you so much for your wisdom. I am overwhelmed by you once again. I can never thank you enough for your patience and your guidance, and the support you have given me throughout my Earth’s journey. Most of all, I am humbled by your absolute love and devotion, and I find there is nothing I can say to you in words that will ever suffice. Just know that I love you more than I ever thought possible, and I am beyond grateful to be a part of you.

The feeling is mutual my Precious One.

We leave you with our absolute Love & our Blessing!


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