Have you looked in the mirror lately and thought negative thoughts about what you see? Is your hair to your absolute liking? Is your body? Are there wrinkles that you wish weren’t there? This is something I’m sure most people have experienced at one time or another, especially women. Some more than others… but let me tell you unless you can love and appreciate what you see, you will never change it. Now you’re wondering HOW you can change something that already IS….. and I’m here to tell you that you can. You are a creative Being! But you will need to love and accept those wrinkles first, before you can change them. I’ve always had a problem with my hair. I wanted straight hair, instead I got curly, wild and thick hair. Unmanageable hair! I have enough hair for 3 average people!

Michael had this to say:

“The human mind resists. The Soul accepts. The Soul knows that resistance creates more resistance. It knows that acceptance allows for change to take place. In other words, once you accept something you can re-create it anew, or simply change it into something you DO want to reflect or experience in your reality.

Each time you resist you’re giving more of your power away. You’re making your ego stronger. So what you end up experiencing is this ‘push / pull’ situation the whole time which can create havoc in your life. Acceptance allows you to change that completely. When you work with your Soul [Love] you’re in control of your reality. There are no surprises anymore. You know you can always create something different. Your Soul is Love, and love is the most powerful creative force in the Universe, actually the entire Multi-verse!”

It is the human mind that reacts to something, whether it be a situation, a person or a comment etc. The Soul knows that to react is futile. It knows that nothing has any meaning unless it gives it meaning. So the Soul chooses to re-create – it is always in the flow [flux] of creation, choosing instead to ooze love and gratitude, and appreciation for what life presents.

I have learned to accept my hair, and to love it and appreciate it, even the grey bits and I have been rewarded for this. No longer do I spend hours straightening it or coloring it. I let it BE wild and curly and grey, and this has paid off. Every time I now look in the mirror I am amazed at my hair. I haven’t colored it in over two years, yet it seems less grey now, and for the first time in my life my hair is manageable and it actually looks great. Magic? I’m not sure…..maybe. But according to Michael, there is nothing that love cannot fix or change. So LOVE Beloveds! Love love love those wrinkles away!

We leave you with our absolute love and our blessing!


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