Love is your natural state of Being – we speak not of human love which is conditional love, but of Divine Love which is unconditional love. This love knows no bounds and is everlasting and eternal.

Many Souls are awakening now and looking for that which is missing in their lives – Love. In your journey back to re-membering who you truly are as a grounded Spiritual Being of Light and Love, you will have to let go of all of that which you thought you were.

Saxon Knight works with the Seraphim Angels and she offers wonderful guidance and teachings from them on her website, as well as free meditations. She has just released a new meditation called “Love in the Stillness” which can be accessed on her webpage or on this link. In all of her meditations you will receive energy from the Seraphim to help you feel more Divine Love and Grace in your life. These meditations open your Heart center and expand it to receive more Divine Love, but remember to first let go of old thoughts and beliefs you have held about yourself.

Self-love is the key to living a life filled with love, happiness, peace and enjoyment. Until you can love yourself unconditionally, you cannot truly love another. You will always feel unfulfilled and incomplete. You will look to someone else to feel loved, and you will expect them to fulfill that which is missing in your life. Other people cannot fulfill this need, only you can. And you can fulfill the need by going within your Sacred Heart center, and opening the door to the Higher aspect of your Self as a Divine Being of Light. This is your True Self. You can do this by sitting in stillness and placing the palms of your hands over your heart and going within. You may find resistance from your ego when doing this, but persistence pays!

Love is Soul Food – Humans need love to feel total fulfillment. It is a fact that the more you transcend back into your True Self in this Earthly journey, the less your physical body needs food, because your physical body is changing to hold more Light, which is Love, therefore very little Earthly food is needed. But it is not only humans who need love – everything needs love! Animals, plant life, the very Planet you’re living on right now needs love!

Depression results from feelings of being alone and not being loved. This is caused by a deep sense of separation that exists between your physical human self and your Soul. The illusion of separation is one that has to be smashed because it couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you only knew how loved you truly are! If you only knew how loved and supported you are right now. But Dear One, love cannot be felt in your mind, only in your heart will you feel the Love of the Divine within you.

There are many tools available to you to help you break down the illusion of separation and open your heart:

  • Listen to the meditations offered by the Seraphim. They are not just merely words! They carry a powerful energy to help you to open your heart to feel Divine Love and Grace.
  • Archangel Michael, who is Prince of the Seraphim Angels, offers a simple attunement to Divine Love called The Trinity of Blessings which is available on our website. With this attunement, you will work with the Archangel each day during your daily meditation practice. Archangel Michael will also help you to open your Sacred heart center and to connect within and access the well of Divine Love which exists there just waiting for you.
  • Join in our Reiki Healing Circle – there you will receive powerful energy to help you to clear the blockages in your energy centers and Archangel Michael will cut the cords that may be binding you to lower energy and non-serving thought forms. This healing will also assist you to feel love and to connect with your Higher Self and to feel Divine Love that exists within you.

It all starts with you making the decision to change your life. You can remain in victim mode or you can live a life of fulfillment and joy. Know that your Soul yearns for a closer connection with you and it will find ways for you to know this. It may be the reason you are reading this very message today.

We leave you with our love and our blessing!


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