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I have to say that Kaypatcha’s Pele report spoke to me at a very deep level just now as I watched him, and it resonates, especially the story he tells of Venus going into the underworld over the next 60 days and releasing ALL, dying actually, which I’m getting is a metaphor for the dying of the Ego Self and then there’s the re-emergence of YOU as Spirit, a SOUL, a re-birthing of your Soul SELF. Similar to the Golden Phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn again. Only this time, you are re-BORN into eternal life! No more death. No more physicality!

This is what we can expect for our own Spiritual growth and transcendence over the next 60 day period. I was told yesterday by my Higher Soul/Self that I am entering a period known as The Dark Night of the Soul. So Kaypatcha’s report is a confirmation of this. The Dark Night can be any over any period of time. It depends on how long it takes you to let go and RELEASE, or move BEyond that which is the physical YOU. It is a moving BEyond the explainable, into the unexplained, where the logic cannot go. Everything is frequency, so the ‘letting go’ and ‘releasing’, is just moving into a higher frequency of consciousness.

If you try to make logical sense of all that is happening now you will make things worse for yourself. Let go of thought, and instead FEEL with your heart. Yesterday I wanted to write more on “Don’t think, just FEEL”, but I never got around do it. I will devote some time to writing about this in the next coming days because its very important now to stay OUT OF YOUR MIND, and BE IN YOUR HEART.

There are no WORDS, as words don’t even make sense anymore. Words are a way of communication that your human self relates to. The Soul FEELS. So stay in your HEART center and FEEL the LOVE there, and let it sustain you and give you PEACE, or you will feel as though you are losing your mind, which you are in a sense. The more LOVE you BEcome, the more you are letting go of the ego self, and the more you BEcome your TRUE authentic SELF.

Remember you are NEVER alone and you are loved BEyond your current comprehension! Tap into that love. It will carry you and hold you through whatever awaits you now.


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