A strange question to ask maybe… but it depends on how you view ‘Life’. Life is love, and love is All There Is. The Supreme Consciousness that IS LIFE, is LOVE ~ Pure unconditional Divine Love. And we all know you cannot DO love, you can only BE love.

Yesterday we spoke of a paradox, that of being in your Heart and needing nothing, yet receiving everything. It is strange but true! When you are living in your Heart and operating from this Sacred Center, you will find that nothing matters anymore. All the stuff you were concerned about in your 3D existence, is of no matter, no consequence anymore.

You will find that every need you ever thought you had just dissolves away into nothing-ness.

So, if you’re still trying to make a life for yourself and stressing about how you’re going to do that, then stop. There is really no need. Instead, go within your Heart.

BE-ing love means be-ing in the vibration of love – it is Be-ing in Love!  We’re not talking about human love, the romantic kind of love that is conditional. We’re talking about Divine Love, and Sacred Love. The Love from whence you came. The Love that is YOU; your true Essence, and the Source of Who You Are. We’re talking about being in Love with YOU!

When you live in this space – this vibrational frequency – then everything that is not love becomes so apparent. You will begin to discern illusion from reality, and you will know that you truly need nothing because you have everything. You will begin to see your 3D existence as the illusion, and what you thought of before as the ‘fairy tale fantasy’ becomes your reality.

The paradox is that when you finally get to maintaining this vibrational frequency, you will discover that everything you thought you needed, you no longer need BUT that you receive it anyway, as if by magic. This is the space (or place) where miracles are made.

You have within you a MERLIN! Let the magic begin!

Have a wonder-filled Sunday Everyone! BE in Love and BE Blessed.


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