I have always loved plants and flowers in particular, but never have I needed their happy faces as much as now! So recently when Archangel Michael suggested to me to purchase the Flower Therapy Oracle cards, I thought it was a good idea to start working with this energy. I received the cards last week and flipped through them not really ‘feeling’ them, but this morning I was prompted to pick them up and started shuffling them. I was drawn to pull a card that was peeking out at me, and was a little surprised when I turned it around and found a perfect yellow rose! The yellow rose is one of my absolute favorite flowers because it is such a happy flower! Yellow being the color of JOY! Michael was smiling because he knows how I adore this flower. I read the caption and this is what it said “Balance work, rest and play. It is important to have fun along with fulfilling your responsibilities”, but there is an extra message today for me from this flower card…. “Remember that nothing is as important as finding joy.” So true!

It is important also that the card mentions “Balance”, which at this time is so crucial. We are striving to stay in balance and by this I mean within our energy body. We are clearing out the old to make way for the new. Doesn’t it feel great to get rid of clutter and old stuff we no longer use? It’s never too late for a spring clean! It’s the same with our energy bodies. Keep clearing out the old stuff that no longer FITS with who we are becoming now. But remember to be joyful whilst clearing out the old! It is exciting to move into new ways of BE-ing don’t you think? You never know what the next day will bring! Our frequency is always on the rise and it is exciting to FEEL this higher frequency, and to suddenly find yourself wanting to experience something different from the day before. New realizations make their way into your consciousness as you rise up and meet the NEW you!

Yesterday I thought how wonderful it is to FEEL more and more LOVE. The more your frequency rises, the more IN-LOVE you are becoming. You are falling more and more, or perhaps I should say RISING more and more in love each day! This is exhilarating and liberating! You will feel as though you could be soaring with the Eagles, and beyond the clouds, and even beyond into zero gravity as you allow yourself to experience this Light-ness of Spirit. You will feel as though you want to swim with the Dolphins, gliding at great speeds through the water, as agile as a dolphin yourself.

If you live in a city and are yearning for nature, dream about it. Dreams are very real, so let your imagination loose. At this stage and phase of your transition, there is little separation between what is fantasy and reality. That is because we’re realizing that nothing is impossible and we can be anything! Literally.

There is nothing that pleases Michael more than when we experience happiness and JOY. He has told me often when I am happy that “His work is done!”

What is it you are yearning for? What will bring you JOY today? Something to think about….Once you’ve figured it out, dream it into being.

Love & Blessings!


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