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Would you believe me if I told you that you do not have to overcome your perceived challenges or shortcomings? You only have to let them go! Just let them go, let them go as if you were blowing bubbles into the breeze. Let them float away into the nothing-ness, because they are nothing. They are meaning-less. They are not worth the energy you are giving them.

It has occurred to me this past week that we often tend to hold onto stuff (and that’s a legitimate word for negative thoughts) because we are so used to being bogged down and made to feel power-less as victims. If only we could see the bigger picture sometimes. The good news is that every little setback results in knowing yourself even more as someone quite capable of facing the sometimes impossible and once daunting hurdle. Each time we scale those hurdles we are stronger and even more victorious.

Often we may find ourselves thinking it is too difficult to overcome the hurdle, so we hang onto it. But I have discovered again and again that if you let it go, it fades into nothing-ness and you are lifted by invisible angel wings into the loving embrace of the Divine.

Letting go is letting your Divine Self take care of you in all-ways. You ego will always challenge you and test you. Luckily these challenges will make you stronger, not break you. IF you don’t pay them any mind..

Instead live within your Heart and let them go. You truly are created perfect, by none other than your Master Creator. As I was once told….. You came into this world MORE than good enough!  That basic hasn’t changed except you have grown and grown so beautifully that there are no words to describe how ‘much more than good enough’ you are!

See? But don’t take my word for it.  Go into your Heart and have a chat with the One who knows these things….

We leave you with our love and our blessing!


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