Let Us Accompany You In A Journey From Fear To Perfect Love

“Anything is possible when you live in the vibration and frequency of Divine Love.”

~ Archangel Michael and Faith

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Loving Yourself Free

We have guided you to ‘Love Yourself Free’ and now we wish to reiterate. When you have learned to love yourself unconditionally, you will free yourself from the constraints of your lower consciousness. You will loosen the chains that have bound you in illusion, and transcend the lower dimensions of reality. The world really is a Wonderland. And the ticket is Love.

~ Guidance From The Angelic Realm No. 15

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Feel The Love

Feel the Love Angel! When you allow yourself to express love, you are also allowing yourself to feel love. Let the love you are feeling fill you and feed your Body, Mind and your Soul. This is all the nourishment you need now. Have we not told you, you ARE LOVE?

~ Guidance From The Angelic Realm No. 38

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The Power of Belief

Belief is one of your most powerful gifts. Use it wisely for it will mold your reality. Therefore examine what it is you believe. Are your beliefs your own, or do they belong to your parents? Or perhaps they are beliefs you have adopted from others. When you begin to realize how powerful your beliefs are, you will adapt them to suit the reality of your choosing.

~ Guidance From The Angelic Realm No. 10

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Think positive thoughts. Your thoughts are creating your reality, therefore think only what you wish to experience and be grateful. Gratitude is the catalyst for bringing what you wish for into your reality faster than you realize.

~ Guidance From The Angelic Realm No. 1

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Deborah Faith

Deborah Faith

Messenger for Michael, Archangel of Truth, Wisdom, Power and Love

In this Golden Age of Transparency we are bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth and giving birth to a new way of being where unconditional love, peace and harmony reign. In this heart-based reality we are learning to work as grounded Spiritual beings and using our higher power and creative potential to bring about change for the greater good of all life here on Earth. This is our Divine Mission and our primary purpose for being here. Please visit our Sister site – BodyMindSpirit.zone

Thank you for being here with us. We wish you LOVE!