Thank you Archangel Michael for your Love, Healing, Guidance, Protection and Strength. We love you, honor you and respect you!

Prayer to Archangel Michael:



“Dear Archangel Michael, please be present in my life now and help me to surrender all that is no longer serving me. Please help me to manifest a life of Unconditional Love, Peace, and Joy so that I may serve as a Beacon of Light for All. Thank you!



And so it is.”






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Deborah Faith

Deborah Faith

USUI Diamond Light Reiki Healer & Master Teacher, NLP (SA) Practitioner, Energy Re-Sourcing™ Therapist and Intuitive, Messenger for the Realms of Spirit., Teacher, Mentor and so much more...

In this Golden Age of Transparency, we are bringing Heaven to Earth and giving birth to new ways of BEing, where Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony reign. In this Heart-based reality, we are learning to co-create as grounded Spiritual Beings of the Light, and use our Higher Mind Power and infinite creative potential to bring about change for the greater good of ALL Life here on Planet Earth. This is our Divine Soul Mission and our primary purpose for being here.

Thank you for being here with us. We wish you LOVE, PEACE, JOY & HAPPINESS!


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