Thank you Archangel Michael for your Unconditional Love, Healing, Guidance, Protection and Strength. We love you, honor you and respect you!

Prayer to Archangel Michael:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please be present in my life now and help me to surrender all that is no longer serving me. Please help me to manifest a life of Unconditional Love, Peace, and Joy so that I may serve as a Beacon of Light for All. Thank you!

And so it is.”


Happy Birthday My Love!

Did you know that each new day is your birth day? Yes it is! Each day you are birthed into a new you! Nothing ever stays the same, energy is always changing and so are you! Every day you are gifted with a new opportunity for you to experience life in a...

Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation

Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation The situation that’s concerning you can improve with Archangel Michael’s help. This card serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to get the angels involved, and their assistance will improve everything...

Energy Update ~ Ride the Waves of Change into 2018 – the Year of Luminosity

The 11.11 Gateway is upon us Dear Ones and the Earth is being flooded now as we speak, with the most powerful Blue Diamond Fire Light Coded energy emanating from Source ever to be received upon the Earth plane. These powerful Fire Codes of Light are going deep and...